Guests who require special assistance to enter the World Stage Theater and be seated must complete the Special Assistance Form for Entry (“SAFE”). Upon review of the guest’s SAFE, the guest will be issued a Seating Card. The only way to guarantee an accessible reserved seat is to complete the SAFE prior to the deadline below:

Click here to fill out our Special Assistance Form

  • Forms: All guests on our 2025 sailing with any mobility needs, severe allergies, respiratory needs, and other accessibility requirements must enroll in our SAFE program before November 1, 2024. Guests on our 2023 cruise should have already filled out the SAFE form as the deadline was September 1, 2023
  • Seats: Guests participating in the SAFE program will have two seats reserved for them and their traveling companion in the World Stage Theater.

We will be assigning seats to those of you that sign up for our SAFE seating program based on your ability to move around the theater. Once we have assigned your seat to you on Day One, this will be your seat for the remainder of the cruise – we will not be able to accommodate you trading spaces.