Tin Men

The Tin Men

The Tin Men combine the unlikely instrumentation of sousaphone, washboard, and guitar to form one of New Orleans’ most original and entertaining groups. Performing since 2002, The Tin men have released five CDs: most recently “Sing With Me” from 2018. Respected performers on their individual instruments, percussionist/vocalist Washboard Chaz, Sousaphonist Matt Perrine and guitarist/vocalist Alex McMurray explore a truly eclectic array of North American Pop music from jug band to swing jazz to New Orleans R&B to Motown to Easy Listening to Heavy Metal and beyond. Through it all they put their own zany spin on the material and make it their own. Throw in a generous dose of McMurray’s own songs, the precocious wit of Perrine’s sousaphone and Washboard Chaz’s seemingly boundless charm and the result is what has been described as "One of the most interesting bands to emerge from New Orleans in years” (Adam Cohen—Offbeat Magazine).